Hove Carnegie Library! A public meeting May 31 with officers & prospective ‘tenants’

17.5.1…..Email from Cllr AndrewWealls today informs us of the following:

“….there will be a meeting on May 31st at 6pm-7.30pm, for residents hear about the changes underway and to ask questions. Please pass on through your networks. Larissa Reed, Sally McMahon, will be there together with reps of café Domenica and Hove Village Nursery….”

Be there!!

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Wise words about taking responsibility for who gets voted in/out of high office

02.05.18…..In an interview with ABC television, lawyer and 7th Director of the FBI, James Comey, (A Higher Loyalty, Flatiron Books, New York, 2018), made it clear he holds the American public responsible for ending the Trump presidency and that it is for them to eat crow (be humbled & shamed) rather than for any impeachment to happen.  On the eve of local elections in the UK (not in Brighton & Hove this year), it is a sage rebuke to people who don’t take responsibility for knowing enough about who they vote for and their true worth or who don’t vote at all.  He said this:

“I think impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office would let the American people off the hook and have something happen indirectly that I believe they’re duty-bound to do directly.  People need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values.”

                                                                                                                  -The Washington Post, article by Aaron Blake
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Why is it OK for Brighton to pretend we are a city, whilst cannibalising Hove to serve itself?

24/04/18…..People rarely ask these days, but used to ask “save Hove from what?” Slow death.  Physical dismantlement.  So much.  Why is there a problem?
The truth is, Hove was annexed by a failing Brighton Council, led by now Lord Bassam, aided and abetted by the then Hove Council leader, Ivor Caplin.  Both Labour Party apparatchiks.  The creation of Brighton & Hove as a unitary authority changed everything for Brighton….and for Hove.  By the turn of the Millenium City status was sought and granted and before long, Bassam’s plan to become Lord of all he beheld (directly elected Mayor) would be the coup de grace that granted Labour near unassailable power over both Brighton & Hove….or so they planned.  But this last move at least did not come to pass after an all-party, city-wide Allies for Democracy campaign persuaded the public to vote against it in a referendum.  Then came the demolitions of Hove housing to create blocks of flats.  They came thick and fast and then came the Karis skyscrapers bid to redevelop the King Alfred.  By 2005 saveHOVE had emerged from the streets.
With so many being incomers, not many see the political motivation but many DO see the evidence of a profoundly diminished Hove and the need to try to save it from total and complete cannibalisation by the local authority which is STILL basically just about Brighton.  Indeed a look at planning policy documents makes it clear that Hove and beyond are expected to serve Brighton’s perceived economic ‘needs’.  Brighton is the core.  We are not an integrated, coherent city.
The only reason for becoming a City was to try to get Bassam in as Directly elected Mayor so Labour could try to engineer long-term command under him.  We are a city in name only with Hove cannibalised and treated as a suburb of Brighton.
Brighton had to have a new Library….so a PFI agreement got them one – the Jubilee.  Trouble is, servicing the PFI contract takes HALF of the annual city budget for libraries.  Right now the Council is organising the cannibalising of Hove’s ONLY grand Grade 2 Listed civic building – the Carnegie-endowed library on Church Road.  Most of the justification for its Grade 2 Listing is to be found within its interior.  Two stacks of listed shelving were removed to create office/disabled toilet facilities in compliance with the DDA legislation back in 2004/5  and now three more of the original seven radial shelves forming a semi circle are to be removed for another office, leaving just two.  In addition a nursery is to take over the basement with outdoor play space by the back curved wall of windows.  Noisy.  Oh, and a cafe will occupy a quarter of what is left of the ground floor area….noisy.  The reason?  To make Hove Library earn money, to help pay for Brighton’s follies.

It isn’t just the library….

Hove had hotels of note once upon a time,  when it was a town in its own right. The very, very beautiful Sackville Hotel that “fell” during a refurb, the Lansdowne that keeps changing hands now but never gets turned into flats or anything else.  And perhaps the less said about the Smart Sea View Hotel the better.  Planning Policy has the centre of Brighton ring-fenced as where hotels are to be protected.  Outside that delineated area, no hotels will be valued, protected or newbuilt.
Hove  is much younger than Brighton as a built environment, and its wider roads and bigger buildings reflect its development as a town for the well-heeled who were encouraged to come down from London to it at the end of the 19th century.  Hove’s regency Brunswick Town was built in the early to mid 19th Century in the regency style, not long after and in a similar way to Kemptown on the eastern side of Brighton seafront.  Very Belgravia, dontcha know.  The reputation of Hove for many decades was different from Brighton and when I moved down from London in the late 1980’s my Brighton hairdresser considered Hove to be “social death” – so staid and elderly was its reputation in youthful circles.  People retired to Hove and it acquired a “God’s Waiting Room” image.  That has all GONE.
As soon as Brighton got hold of Hove (annexation) there was an immediate exodus of wealthy, older people.  This fact emerged in a Full Council meeting (in Brighton), when the noughtie’s Labour leader Ken Bodfish said that the year 2000 census had shown a significant loss of older, wealthier residents from Hove.  They decamped to Eastbourne, Worthing and beyond.   When I moved to Hove in the 1980’s it was immaculate, tidy.  Governance from Brighton was different and Hove soon began to look as scruffy as Brighton. In came the developers knocking down houses, as well, and in came the flyposters for Brighton clubs, in came the graffiti and up went the blocks of flats, replacing substantial houses.  And Hove General Hospital in Sackville Road was closed – later to be converted to council flats.
Bit by bit all the infrastructure that had belonged to an independent Borough of Hove was scrapped by its new Brighton masters.  The hospital, the hotels, even its town hall as a civic centre is no more.  Now the town hall is a police station with some council offices and a customer service desk; and the public auditorium area is converted to rented out offices.  The Council Chamber is still in use , alternating with Brighton Town Hall’s Council Chamber.  Once the King Alfred redevelopment begins, the LAST bookable venue of substance will be demolished.  Both the town hall and the King Alfred ballroom have hosted entertainments and weddings and other public events catering to many hundreds of people.  That is ending.  The parks are fair game too.  Gone are some Hove Park tennis courts, lawn bowls support from the council, and the former Hove Borough Council gardening depot in Hove Park was sacrificed to a free school in an area that did not need a new school.
Hove is just a spare parts depot for Brighton.  As for the Portslade bit….that is just invisible.  Unloved, ignored.  What we are not, is a proper city.
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Medina House….the goodbye photos as it is now demolished before its newbuild rebirth

15.04.18…..Residents take photos from time to time in passing and as demolition now begins…..here is a gallery as they come to me.
4th of March….resident wishes not to be named…..

This from Jenny capturing a note of lamentation someone posted, which was not removed
And this from Jenny – wistful….
9-10 April…..Lou’s rear view of the roof, from Medina Terrace
10th of April….and another resident photo – again not wishing to be named

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Buildings are the clothes on a city’s back. They message what our values are, what we stand for.

13.04.18…..The Victorians and Edwardians built to reflect the confident swagger of Empire and ambitions for the prosperous future…..that’s over. But having those sturdy, built-to-last-forever reflections of a proud and important country, are still all over London (where they impress the world and STILL ensure it is seen as one of the most important cities in the world).  Those buildings are the foundation of the tourist trade, and in spite of the hysteria-driven fancy dress party of tipsy skyscrapers clustered in the West End and City area, they ensure the world still sees this country as being of importance and of real substance on the world stage.  Past glory?  So what.  Fake it til you make it (again) as they say in celeb world!
Now that our older, Listed and valued pre-war, 18th and 19th century architectural legacy no longer reflects days of Empire Glory or posturings before other European Empires, we need to see their continuing value in another light.
Buildings are the clothes on a city’s back, reflecting levels of pride and self-respect along with financial, educational and social status.  Allowing developers to build hit-and-run dross is not about that.  Their rubbish encourages people to read ‘loser’ when they pass by instead of ‘covet’ or ‘would love to live/work/go’ THERE!’  Retaining and treasuring the proud show-off civic architecture of the past is also about having an example of the status this country once boasted on the world stage still there to be read and be proud of and to inspire.  Hove has exactly ONE such public-access, civic building….Hove’s Carnegie-endowed Library in Church Road.
Clothes maketh the man, it was once said.  Hove Library is top class bespoke couture and Grade 2 Listed inside and out to reflect that.  For BHCC to dismantle this treasure, to cynically begin the process of tearing away any claim to still be a library is vandalism, destruction of civic pride and architectural heritage and a disvaluing of literacy and culture.  The world’s ambitious developing economies send their kids here to soak it up, to learn English and be educated here.  Sadly, there is 20% functional illteracy amongst our own people; and across the land councils now treat libraries in the same way as public toilets: as expendable and unnecessary expense, as cuts are sought.  Indeed BHCC has dumped responsibility for Hove Library out of Tourism, Development & Culture & tossed it into the Communities pit for piecemeal degradation and disposal from there.
The Administration’s lack of civic pride and demonic determination to get the public to disvalue Hove Library as much as the Labour Party does can be read off visually, just by walking through the library’s front door and marvelling at the bits of paper blue-tacked all over its walls like graffiti, the prioritising of small-scale mobile shelves and assorted other bits and pieces that junk up the floorspace.  The visual noise is both squalid and disturbing as the beauty of the room is buried beneath it all.  What is barely visible are actual books.  Shelves are half empty and, having already removed Grade 2 Listed radial shelving for DDA compliance purposes in 2005, BHCC plan to remove even more to create a staff room – leaving the remaining few original radial oak shelves over a proposed noisy basement nursery school.  Readers normally like a bit of hush, don’t they?
And to achieve what?  Is it so 50% of the annual library budget can continue to be spent on servicing the PFI contract that built the Jubilee Library in Brighton?  Residents should know about that and know too that many years of payment obligation remain.  Why should the Grade 2 Listed 1907 Hove Library treasure be dismantled and eventually sold off to pay for that?
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