Vegfest Exhibition at Hove Town Hall


18 March 2012…..A two-day, 100 stalls, Vegfest exhibition has filled every nook and cranny over two floors of Hove Town Hall this weekend.  Not just for vegans and vegetarians at all.  Food, body products, clothing, accessories:  it’s all there and fascinating.  There is much to covet, drool over and buy. 
Best of all – there are generous food samples all over the place as well as food to buy.  Dairy-free chocolate and ‘cheesecake’ that is just plain sumptuous, will get you reaching for the cash double-quick. 
Cooking products and drinks to sample – once obscure, fast becoming mainstream and/or celebrated,  are there for those who have never before investigated how useful they can be to them. 
Kara coconut drinking milk and James White’s exceptional vegetable juices (beetroot lowers blood pressure and this one is sweet, not ‘earthy’ at all), are both stocked by Waitrose and Taj.  Giant jars of coconut oil are piled high at one stall.  Angelina Jolie is reputed to breakfast on a teaspoonful and whilst it is a known slimming aid, it is also helpful to those with a dodgy gut and yeast intolerance.  All there to be sampled. 
You won’t go home hungry! 

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