Read the RTPI professionals’ comments re: the NPPF….and weep


21 March 2012…..During his budget speech today, the Coalition Govt’s Chancellor trailed the new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) which dumbs the planning system down to 50 pages.
Every qualified planning officer belongs to the RTPI.  It is their professional body.  And I give you the link here to their reactions today to Osborne’s announcement.
Note especially that it will be fully announced and come into force next Tuesday and that many of the comments refer to a total absence of ‘transitional arrangement’ and one I read to ‘planning by appeal’.
This latter threatens to cripple the sytem and make planning committtees fearful of giving refusals in case they lose an appeal.  The appeals system will be used to create precedent law and to shape this new system – you can bet on that.  High Stakes poker match with local authority legal costs the high stakes they will all play for.
Developers always have more money than Local Authorities and will cost in Appeal expenses when drawing up schemes.  Bet on it.
One wonders what’s in it for the Tories to be doing this….it is not in the interests, economic or otherwise, of the country.  And not in the interests of local authorities which feel under the central government cosh in any case.  This change to the planning system is lethal.

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