Goldstone Crescent/Hove Park Gardens…problem!

19 Goldstone Crescent/10 Hove Park Gardens…problem!
Please note this article has been amended to reflect correcting  information received from the planning officer.
20 April 2012…..The house at 19 Goldstone Crescent  – now 10 Hove Park Gardens – was withdrawn from the Parsons Son & Basley auction held at Hove Town Hall on Thursday, 19th April 2012.  An offer in excess of the guideline price of £650,000 is believed to have been accepted, through the auction house, before the day.
Rumours that Hove Park Gardens’ accessways had been bought from David Garbutt by the builder purchasing 19 Goldstone Crescent from its previous owner seem to have been false.  This clever builder is thought to have bought the whole site for £850,000, spotted his opportunity, split the site in half and sold the house on its own for an amount in excess of £650,000 with another sale to come – of the frontage onto Goldstone Crescent. 
A handsome profit will be made.  If the proposed new house for this bit gets built – to become the new 19 Goldstone Crescent.
The newly created address of 10 Hove Park Gardens has been sold with access-only rights from Hove Park Road through Hove Park Gardens – no parking within Hove Park Gardens itself. The new owners, who will live there, are said to be bicycle users….which could not be a better outcome (if true) for that house and for Hove Park Gardens itself. Should they have a car, it would have to park in the surrounding streets, not in Hove Park Gardens.
There is no on-site parking for the new 10 Hove Park Gardens, although a neighbour in Hove Park Gardens reports a car that parked on the raised bed, newly fashioned behind the house, had to be winched off its silly, gravelled pinhead. 
David Garbutt is said to have retained ownership of Hove Park Gardens and the best ultimate outcome would be ownership-in-common by each of the freeholders within Hove Park Gardens.
As for what remains of 19 Goldstone Crescent – the half of the property that fronts Goldstone Crescent (with garage), this is expected to go to an upcoming auction, with the planning consent gained on 11.4.12 to put a house there.  Unfortunately the planning process failed to address the presence of badger runs neighbours are clear lie beneath this property, close to known setts which would halt any development here once encountered during excavation work.
BH2012/00396 was registered mid-February and plans for a house fronting Goldstone Crescent at 19 were approved on 11th April.  There was no site notice in the street because this is neither a Conservation Area nor is this a Listed building or one affecting the setting of a Listed building.  Only two neighbour responses were received (nos. 6 and 9 Hove Park Gardens) reflecting parking and traffic concerns only.
Regrettably, The Badger Trust were not consulted (also neglected for the Park House application, in spite of the application recording badger setts on site and numerous consultation responses mentioning the badgers).  The application for 19 Goldstone Crescent does not record knowledge of any badger activity here and the lack of consultation responses means it was not drawn to the officer’s attention. 
The planning officer has now been made aware of the fact that as soon as digging begins, they are likely to encounter badger tunnels and that there is an entrance to a tunnel close by in a neighbouring garden.  He is speaking with colleagues about what can be done at this stage.

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