What’s a ‘Terminated Vista’?

What’s a Terminated Vista?

25 April 2012…..A Terminated Vista is not your loss of view out the window or out to sea or whatever, at least not as a planning term; but it is about something that intervenes visually to stop the eye as it looks forward through a vista – such as at the end of a road, street, etc.
This charming article is also a capsule tutorial on how important this terminated vista view is.  And you can read it here:
An example in Hove is the view approaching the Palmeira Floral Clock area as one drives eastwards towards it.  Dead ahead is the Listed and vandalised corner property now inhabited on the ground floor by Tesco.  Alongside it, is a newbuild which had to be designed to accommodate this long view towards it – the visually arresting terminated vista – as well as  fit into the surrounding heritage area.  It succeeds very well, even if not in an arresting and significant way, as an appropriate terminated vista.  You won’t remember it.  A lost opportunity?  Perhaps not here, in the context of the important buildings around it.
Another example is the east/west-facing viewpoint within the Port of Shoreham along the western edge of Hove Lagoon.  A planning brief is in preparation for this end of the Port adjacent to both Hove Lagoon and the Western Esplanade row of houses known as Seaside Villas (once upon a time, long, long ago).  Within that brief one should expect to see ‘Terminated Vista’ design issues to be addressed in order to provide something fabulous if you are facing west and it hits you in the eye or facing east (from within the canal area of the Port) and you are sailing towards it.  This site WILL require something truly significant visually.

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