Marrocco’s on Kings Esplanade seek to end pavement area use on the Esplanade

6 June 2012…..A little bit of tradition is about to change if planning consent is achieved.
Marrocco’s, on King’s Esplanade, have a planning application in to extend the frontage of their building forward and to end use of their existing frontage for tables, chairs and queuing for their well-known Italian ice creams.
In an email to saveHOVE, Nev Smyrk writes the following on behalf of Marrocco’s: 
“We have to end the outdoor use, as in fairness to the local residents it was causing an addition disruption of the foot traffic as the pavement is too small for our queues. The queues in the frontage at it’s only 900cm’s, so its approx 2.5 people but we can now accommodate more people inside, so that should help with the queue’s. We’ve also split the entrance into food and ice cream to move customers who stand in the ice cream queue for food.  I know that at sometimes I push Marrocco’s hard for additional business, but I live in Spa court as well and there is no way that I would introduce anything that could cause an accident. Kings Esplanade is dangerous enough as it is, personally I’d like to see it pedestrianised.”
NB:  This application was decided by planners under delegated powers (i.e. fewer than or no objections received to take it to Committee) and approved on 1.6.12 and is no longer a live application.  Details moved to archived apps.

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