Medina House: s215 Enforcement Deadline passes….and then….

10 June 2012…..The June 1st 2012 deadline for compliance came and went with just a bit of scaffolding being erected on the west side of Medina House and a window or two being unbricked….too little too late.  The s215 Enforcement Notice required completion of works, including windows being reglazed.

6th June 2012 Medina House frontage window unblocked, unglazed

On Wednesday, June the 6th 2012, BHCC Enforcement officer Gerard McCormack, accompanied by Cllr Andrew Wealls,  inspected Medina House.   At 2pm, 12 people sat down together in a Hove Town Hall meeting room to  discuss his findings and hear details of what BHCC would do about the non-compliance with the s215 Enforcement Notice. 
Resident complaints over many, many years have been ignored by BHCC .   That an Enforcement process has now been established is down to a  January 2011 letter from Hove MP, Mike Weatherley to BHCC Enforcement – who immediately opened a file.  However, still took ten months for the s215 Enforcement Notice to be raised in November of 2011 (with a further month’s extension provided, at Sirus Taghan’s request).  By the June 1st, 2012 deadline for compliance we are where we are – no compliance with any aspect of the s215 Enforcement Notice.

6th June 2012 – Medina House frontage – some windows now unblocked

Sirus Taghan and the two newly registered owners will now receive a letter from BHCC setting out the council position (prosecution and/or Council doing the repairs/billing the owners for it) and asking the owners to set out their position.  The enforcement process continues, whether or not the owners put in any new planning applications.
A 2nd, additional s215 Enforcement Notice will also be raised and sent to the owners concerning the baths area.  This follows from a report of rats and flies that resulted in Marrocco’s having to upgrade its refuse containers to deal with the rats and cease outdoor dining at tables because of flies.
It is hoped that Sirus Taghan will either sell the premises on or that BHCC will eventually be willing to consider a compulsory purchase of Medina House.  He is said to have put a £5-£6million price tag on Medina House in its present form.  He has no intention of selling it.  He paid about £300,000 in the dying days of Hove Borough Council, from whom he bought it and appears not to believe he cannot have a tall building on that site.
The ultra tiny and cosy Sussex Road and Victoria cottages area is, in scale,  like the Lanes in Brighton.  And they run directly north from the back wall of Medina House.  They are already overshadowed by it.  Because of this, nothing can be constructed on the Medina House site that is any taller than Medina House.  End of.

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