Read it and weep….

14 July 2012…..The Argus website has uploaded a very sobering report which you can read here:  Hospital Hell at A&E   It tells you exactly how bad BHCC’s overvaluing of the alcohol-based night time economy is. 

Brighton has been this country’s best known party girl for a couple of centuries now and the famously decadent Prince Regent probably started it!
As long as BHCC continues to overvalue an alcohol-based night time economy for this city, the stampede to the coast by people with alcohol-based lifestyles will continue to mushroom.
At the tipping point (perhaps already reached?), other kinds of residents will be dissuaded from living here or move away if already living here.
By the late 1990’s A&E at the RSCH had changed beyond belief, become filled by drunks, people on drugs, etc.  Analysis of A&E ‘patronage’ over the last 15 years would inform this complacent council of just how bad things now are in this city.
Maybe then something to change the trajectory will become possible in order to save it from being ground down to zero by drug users & addicts, drunks and alcoholics wrecking the place. 
Drug/alcohol abusers are a big drain on scarce resources – be they policing, medical or housing-based – and the City is taking too big a financial hit.  Too, BHCC recently put a figure of £5m on cleaning up after visitors littering the beach and lawns, leaving it to some adult-not-themselves to come along and clean up after them. 
We live in profoundly immature and disturbed times.    

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