Help Unblock the Medina House Impasse: A Petition seeking a Planning Brief; and YOUR signature is needed!

14 July 2012…..Help Unblock the Medina House Impasse: A Petition seeking a Planning Brief; and YOUR signature is needed!

Nothing good has happened to historic Medina House since Hove Borough Council sold it.  The consent given for conversion of the building to flats and construction of two cottages on the pool site was never used.  All that happened was partial demolition of the main pool area, with concrete infilling of the pool and removal of distinctive and very special Royal Doulton tiling within that pool area.  A lot of BHCC officer time has been wasted on inappropriate schemes & planning applications since then.  None successful.
The vandalised appearance of the site finally attracted a s215 Enforcement Notice for the building itself, which was not complied with by the June deadline.  Following this, a meeting was organised and held at Hove Town Hall with Enforcement to brief and discuss options.  Twelve of us attended, and following our meeting, a second s215 notice demanding a cleanup of the pool area went to the owners along with a letter outlining the BHCC position in the wake of non-compliance and seeking clarification about their position. 
Compliance with BHCC Enforcement demands has now been largely achieved; but then what?
Yet another tall building application that cannot succeed?  Yet another s215 Enforcement Notice eventually?  What?
We have decided to raise a petition, asking for something that might help, which we ask you to sign if you either live or work within the City.  The e-petition can be accessed here: A Planning Brief for Medina House .  It seeks to pin down BHCC, to make what is and is not allowable clear to the owners of Medina House so they do not waste any more time and money on submitting planning applications that cannot succeed.  A Planning Brief is a powerful planning policy document and having one for the Medina House site is massively overdue.
Click on the link to see what a group of us (within and associated with saveHOVE concerning this issue) have agreed should go into a Planning Brief, chief of which are height restriction and keeping the existing building.  A companion paper version is also in circulation for signing. 
Both will be presented at the 8th August Planning Committee meeting where a response is expected to be given.  The online epetition must be signed by 25.7.12 after which no further signings can be accepted as officers prepare the meeting Agenda it will be put on (advertised a week before the meeting).
Signatures will continue to be gathered on the paper version up to the 8th of August.  Email for a copy if you can help collect signatures. 

About saveHOVE

Concerned with planning, development and the conservation of historic Hove, we actively seek to prevent inappropriate, negligent and abusive redevelopments!
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