How the NPPF will affect the Local Plan, City Plan Pt 1, Waste Local Plan

18 July 2012…..Tucked away inside the Planning Committee Agenda for the 18.7.12 meeting is this briefing note from Liz Hobden for Planning Committee Members concerning the implications of the NPPF on the documents listed in this heading.  It was accompanied by Appendix 1 which provides guidance on how it influences specific Local Plan policies, etc. 
This is far too important for them to have just for themselves!  Plus, if you are making a City Plan consultation response by the 23rd July midnight deadline, you will benefit from being familiar with it.  And you should save/print off the dumbed-down NPPF itself.  This is the central governing planning legislation system pared down to just 65 pages, cover to cover, produced by the Coalition Government which was enacted on 27.3.12. This is one set to print off or save to file.  You will need it for the day you next respond to a major planning application!

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