The Kamikaze flaw Running Through Policy DA 6 of the draft City Plan Pt 1: The Waste Transfer allocation area

The Kamikaze flaw running through Policy DA 6 of the draft City Plan Pt 1:  The Waste Transfer allocation area

Warner’s own the trackside area north of the railway lines between Hove Station and Sackville Road.  Whilst most of it has been sitting in the Waste Local Plan for years as identified for a Waste Transfer Station at some unknown, unplanned for, future opportunity, it is now sitting the length of the trackside area all the way to Hove Station and it should not be there at all – not for the Waste Strategy and not for the City Plan.
Policy DA 6 anticipates regenerating redevelopment of real substance from Ellen Street all the way up to Old Shoreham Road and from Sackville Road all the way over to Hove Station.  But high end or low end?
Allowing The Goldstone Retail Park that replaced the Goldstone Football Club and field to be given planning consent for its use of the land was an appalling mistake.  Both Newtown Road and Goldstone Lane are blighted down its east and west sides by blank walls and the oversized car park on its northern frontage wastes space.  It’s backside is just that.  A backside.  The sheer ugliness of what was put there just makes me shut my eyes and scrunch them up if I visualise it.  And then wince.  How on earth did that happen.   
The land around it is fatally compromised, both in current use and for redevelopment purposes and the allocation to use for a Waste Transfer Station just down from it, trackside, compromises redevelopment opportunities both sides of the tracks. 
Would you pay top dollar for a flat, office, shop or whatever in a building that overlooked a waste transfer station?  What credibility would ANY redevelopment have with a waste transfer station on its doorstep?  None at all is the answer unless the entire area is retained purely for semi-industrial use.  If one is ever built there, how would it affect the resale value of nearby homes?  It won’t help. 
The danger is that the redevelopment of the Conway/Ellen Street area will be affected negatively so that it ends up slanted toward a lowest common denominator result BECAUSE of the likelihood of a waste transfer station dominating its northern aspect just over the tracks.

The Waste Transfer Station allocation area within DA 6 of the draft City Plan must be removed.  And anyone who agrees with this statement has until midnight, Monday, 23rd of July 2012 to put in their consultation response to BHCC to make the point.


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