Flapping “wind releasing” ad banners for Old Shoreham Rd: REFUSED!

9 August 2012…..Can’t believe something sensible has happened with regard to that bonkers idea of stringing a load of huge flapping “wind releasing”advertising banners on lamp posts along Old Shoreham Road between Leighton Road up past Hove Park to Hove Park Gardens.  As well as the saveHOVE objection, BHCC received 6 resident objections and Hove Park ward objections from its Conservative Cllrs Jayne Bennett and Vanessa Brown.  None of the three Green Goldsmid cllrs objected.
 Here are the reasons for REFU-U-U-USA-A-A-AL!!!!!

Reasons for application number: BH2012/01592

Reason 1
Policy QD12 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan states that sensitively designed and located signs which contribute to the visual amenity of the area will be permitted, signs which are detrimental to visual amenity will not be allowed. Supplementary Planning Document 7 on Advertisements states that lamppost signs will only be permitted for city wide events and should not be located in a residential area. The proposed signs would be a visual imposing presence on the street resulting in street clutter to the detriment of the visual amenity of the area. The signs are also within a residential area and are not for a city wide event. The scheme is therefore contrary to the abovementioned policy and guidance.

Informatives for application number: BH2012/01592

1. This decision is based on the supporting information, photographic schedule and drawings listed below:

Plan Type Reference Version Date Received
Wind Releasing Lamppost Banners Planning Details 24th May 2012
Location Plan, Old Shoreham Road (1/2) 11th June 2012
Location Plan, Old Shoreham Road (2/2) 11th June 2012


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