Conway/Hove Station Redevelopment: One-week only Exhibition of Proposals/Designs


12 October 2012…..MATSIM/LCE are mounting an exhibition in their offices on-site concerning their redevelopment proposals.  This will be for one week only, from October 15 to Friday 19th October.   Open from 10am to 3pm daily and in addition, from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 17th October.
Representatives from MATSIM and LCE Architects will be available for questions and answers on the Wednesday evening, 17th and again Friday morning, 19th from 10am to noon.
The office access is at the back of Industrial House in Conway Street within the carpark between Industrial House and The Agora.  Access is from Fonthill Road or Ellen Street.
Lewis & Co are doing their planning application (judging from the invitation card I can’t for the life of me work out how to transfer from email, file or whatever onto this page for you to read for yourself).
This double-sided card is being put through some 8,000 doors from Stoneham Park over to Holland Road and up into the Hove Park area.   They asked saveHOVE to a meeting in July to discuss proposals (see report elsewhere on this site, tagged Hove Station) and now request we make this week-long invitation-to-view known to you through this website.
This is a huge redevelopment site of some 6 hectares running along the back of all 5 tower blocks strung the length of Clarendon Road from Sackville Road to Ethel Street near Goldstone Villas and right up to the railway lines.  It could be a huge asset or your worst nightmare come true.  Go along, talk to them, and make your views known to them.  They have not yet had their pre-application meeting with planning committee councillors who could send them away with a flea in their earm, asking them to think again or they could have nothng to say to stop them putting in their planning application.
To have a sense in your head of how many flats are proposed and of what quality and impact, bear in mind that the adjacent Clarendon and Ellen Estate comprises some 320 flats in the 5 ten-storey towers and low-rise blocks between them.  At the July meeting with MATSIM/LCE a figure of 400 units of housing was given for their residential component – flats in towers.
Also bear in mind access to the redevelopment and how that will work.  Fonthill Road from the north, Clarendon Road from the south, from either end of the Clarendon Road tower-block estate, are the only 3 roadway access points into it.  No access into Sackville Road directly.  But it is proposed to build a walkthrough into Hove Station that makes it ideal to access by rail.  Goldstone Crescent in front of Hove Station contains a taxi rank and bus stops.  And there will of course be loads of cycle racks.  Is this site ‘landlocked’ ?  How is the developer addressing the problem of road access to the site (from Fonthill Road, from Sackville Road into Clarendon Road and from Goldstone Villas into Clarendon Road).  Should this be a car-free development?  Where is the parking?
The proposed Hove Square would contain offices, residential, retail, restaurants and a Multiplex Cinema. 
Please also take a look at the website they are preparing at but be very, very careful of the feedback invitation.  What you say is going to go into their planning application as support or not and you do not yet know enough about the development to make an informed judgment.
Hove Station is a tall building node that allows very high towers to be built on this site.  A planning brief is in preparation (a request granted following a saveHOVE request) which will go out to public consultation before the end of the year and be agreed co-terminus with the City Plan around the end of the year.  A Neighbourhood Plan will also be prepared by residents under the new Localism Act. 

About saveHOVE

Concerned with planning, development and the conservation of historic Hove, we actively seek to prevent inappropriate, negligent and abusive redevelopments!
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