MATSIM’s website statement: John Lewis NOT coming to Conway/Hove Station redevelopment!!

15 October 2012…..Don’t know who looks the silliest today:  MATSIM for creating a misleading impression, the Argus for buying into it or the public, for not reading beyond the headline to see the value of it (there in the body copy).
The weekend Argus splashed with a front page headline suggesting that John Lewis would be taking space within the mooted redevelopment of the Conway Street bus garage area down to Ellen Street by Hove Station (tagged Hove Station here) and people just went away and spread the news (not bothering to read the article to see that it was not definite.  The article was posted online by Sunday and on Monday an updating article was online indicating that multple checks made on Friday indicated John Lewis was part of the deal.
Well poor old MATSIM have now had to put a bold statement on the ‘Hove Square’ website telling visitors to it that John Lewis are NOT part of the scheme.
A developer’s tease gone wrong?  Flushed out early by a misled Argus taking the bait?  Who knows.  Anyway its no longer a carrot with which to tease the public is it?  Next!

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