Council archive of webcast meetings: Policy & Resources 11.10.12

16 Octobe 2012…..A public question was asked about how BHCC views the King Alfred site as a property asset.  Would they, have they, considered selling it?  Both Citygrove and  Karis were going to have leasehold control only of it, albeit for 250 years.  The response from Cllr Kitcat was surprising.  The Council is open to offers!
The supplementary question asked if BHCC would consider paying toward a redevelopment in order to avoid having 400 units of enabling development in the form of housing on the site.  Again, the council is open to costed approaches.
These question were asked on the day that BHCC had Kings House and Hove Town Hall on the agenda as council assets to consider selling off.  No holding is immune; but since the council is able to borrow these days in ways not possible in the past, it is reasonable to look at a new way of approaching the King Alfred as a redevelopment site and a newly set up Project Board will consider many possibilities no doubt.

View the exchange between 12 minutes and 14 minutes 36 seconds.


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