Redevelopment for Sackville Hotel site: won on Appeal – bizarrely

16 October 2012…..At the front end of this year, proposals for a terrace of five six-storey ‘luxury’ houses – for the collapsed Sackville Hotel site at 189 Kingsway – were twice refused planning consent .   These two refusals have been overturned on Appeal, it is today reported by the Argus
The adjacent property at 191, also fronting Kingsway, is now blighted by a Government Planning Inspector.  She should be sacked.
The westernmost wall of the proposed terrace has windows in it which means the Inspector thinks it is OK for them to be built and have overshadowing, overlooking right to light and privacy over the right of 191 to build over its parking area to provide more needed housing.  The adjacent property will not be able to infill beside it and will have to leave the existing gap between itself and the new development that has now got its planning consent from the Inspector.
The City also loses out.  It loses a much-needed seafront site where additional flats were proposed to be built in that gap by the Sackville Hotel site in a separate redevelopment of the whole of 191.  Instead, the city now gains (if built)  6-storey walk-up terracing – for whom?

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