INVITATION TO A 3RD PUBLIC MEETING concerning the bus station redevelopment and the creation of A Neighbourhood Plan


 concerning the bus station redevelopment and creation of

A Neighbourhood Plan

31 October 2012…..Below (in green) please find verbatim invitation notice/agenda content for a 3rd public meeting to be hosted by Goldsmid Ward Cllrs – for  Goldsmid residents in the vicinity of the Conway Street bus station.  If you live, have a business just outside the Goldsmid Ward boundary, in Westbourne, Hove Park, Central Wards, saveHOVE would like you to attend.  
No idea how to take an email attachment and provide it here so cut and paste of the basic cllr’s notice with the agenda will have to do!  Apologies for that.  Either email the Goldsmid cllrs or saveHOVE for the original if you are willing to forward it to others or to print it off and circulate.

Following a meeting and conferral between Mike Gibson, Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning, and saveHOVE’s Valerie Paynter, Mike emailed Cllr Jarrett to request this 3rd meeting be held and he provided the draft agenda which Cllrs have accepted.  It aims to provide info on the MATSIM consultation results and upcoming planning application public consultation process along with a briefing by Mike Gibson on Neighbourhood Plans. 

I have one concern.  This proposed briefing on the recent MATSIM exhibition, its pre-app consultation, and upcoming planning submission along with any potential Neighbourhood Plan (to be produced under new powers granted to residents under the Localism Act) will affect more than just Goldsmid Ward.  MATSIM provided invitations to their exhibition of proposals to residents across 4 wards:  Goldsmid, Hove Park, Westbourne and Central.  If a MATSIM representative comes to this meeting on the 14th, we will need to know which ward the website/exhibition comments came from.
For the purposes of this meeting, please remember that ward councillors have jurisdiction and budgets for their own wards only.  The first two meetings were generated and hosted by Goldsmid cllrs in response to the bus station redevelopment,  simultaneous City Plan drafting and introduction by the City Planner of the opportunity for us to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is why the meeting on the 14th is aimed at Goldsmid residents and why the printed Cllr flyer is only going to ward residents. Residents just over Old Shoreham Road reading this should also attend as observers to become informed ahead of any future requirement. Also those residents and business operators west of Goldstone Lane, Sackville Road who may be impacted by the redevelopment of the Hove Station/bus station area and included in formation of a Neighbourhood Plan Forum.
At this new meeting on:

 Wednesday, 14th November between 7:30 and 9:30pm upstairs in the Honeycroft Nursery (entrance at the top of steps in Conway Place that lead to Sackville Road)

it must be decided how to handle this area inclusion problem.  Other ward councillors may wish to be involved and organising meetings for residents in their wards or a 4th meeting, across ward boundaries, somehow provided in order to begin to recruit the appropriate and necessary 21 people for a Neighbourhood Plan Forum and to consider what this Neighbourhood Plan’s boundaried area needs to include. 

A neighbourhood plan will not mirror the MATSIM development site and will not mirror the DA6 development area created by the planning authority for The City Plan either.  It will encompass an area residents have chosen in order to produce a plan.  And this plan would be about what should go where – development wise.

Should it go north of Old Shoreham Road?  The MATSIM invitation did.  Should it go as far south as the Church Road Tesco?  How far south did the MATSIM invitation go?  It is known Blatchington Road traders got it.  That Tesco, if rebuilt, could take housing on top of it to relieve pressure on other area sites (like Hove Station), maybe provide an ideal sheltered housing opportunity.  A Neighbourhood Plan could possibly demand that.
We are fortunate that in Fonthill Rd, we have an Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning, not long retired from the Universty of the South Bank in London who can provide invaluable guidance and will speak at this meeting.   Mike Gibson and saveHOVE have conferred on this and the proposed agenda was composed by Mr. Gibson.  He has also begun the work of researching around the subject.  Most of the pilot Neighbourhoods now coming forward are town and rural.  He looked for a comparable urban example and found Exeter St James.  Have a look at it.  It is an example of a nimby Plan to my mind. 
In a conversation with Rob Fraser in Planning Strategy at BHCC, a meeting with officers was offered concerning Neighbourhood Plans and emerging information that could help guide us or be used in the meeting on the 14th.  Date availability for Mike Gibson and saveHOVE’s Valerie Paynter to meet with them were provided last week but at the time of writing no reply has been received by saveHOVE which means that it won’t happen this week.  He did comment that some of the Neighbourhood Plans coming along are not robust and cannot be adopted and that they take about one and a half years to produce. 
Do look at the invitation below (in green).  Cllr Jarret has accepted the draft agenda proposed by Mike Gibson and discussed with saveHOVE’s Valerie Paynter beforehand and begun to circulate it by email.  The Chair of the Goldsmid LAT has fwd it to email addresses she has and today saveHOVE will fwd the attachment to those on its emailing list.  Printed copies are to be provided to Goldsmid Ward residents in Conway Street, Wilbury Avenue (west), Fonthill and Newtown Roads. 
Residents in Ranelagh, Hartington Villas and Hove Park Villas, business addresses in Newtown Road and residents along Old Shoreham Road are not presently to be included but residents there need to be included.  The Chair of the Clarendon & Ellen Estate Residents Association received a copy by email butit is unknown whether residents on the estate that borders the MATSIM redevelopment area along one long side will be further informed by her.   
The question of whether saveHOVE needs to provide a separate flyer is an awkward decision.  There is someone willing to finance one and residents available to deliver it to over 2,000 residents (or more).   At this point it might be inappropriate duplication; and at this point the meeting is intended for Goldsmid residents in the immediate area.  A saveHOVE flyer would not obey ward boundaries.  Goldsmid ends up Goldstone Lane and along the rail tracks to Sackville Road.  What about those west of it who are just over the tracks from the MATSIM development or between the Sackville Trading Estate and Homebase?  The commuters west of Sackville Road?   Indeed:  what about the Homebase area itself?  Should that go into a Neighbourhood Plan….to address unknown future potential redevelopment changes there?  Lots of questions. 
We have much to learn and much to consider in protecting and steering development where we live.  Please come along to this important briefing if you live in Goldsmid Ward anywhere near Hove Station.


Proposed redevelopment of bus garage and surrounding area.
Dear resident, your ward councillors would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss the proposals and to plan a vision for the area.
 Venue: The Honeycroft upstairs meeting room, between the west end of Conway Street and the west side of Conway Court tower block, Sackville Road.
Date and time: Wednesday 14th November, 7:30pm – 9:30pm.
Suggested agenda:
1. Hove Square Project
1.1         Report from MATSIM representatives on the results of their consultation exhibition e.g. how many attended, analysis of response from public, impact of comments on the planning application.   15 mins
1.2       Discussion of the MATSIM proposals as now understood by residents.  25 mins
1.3       Report from City Planning Officer, Martin Randall on
–  the planning application process after the expected submission of the planning application by  MATSIM in mid-November
–  timescale and opportunities for public participation in the preparation of Planning Brief, in context of the initial approval of new City Plan in December, with its broad proposals for the Hove Station area.  10 mins
2. Proposed Neighbourhood Plan
2.1       Neighbourhood Plans – why and how ?   Mike Gibson – Fonthill resident and Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning    20 mins 
2.2       Neighbourhood Plans in Brighton and Hove.    Rottingdean Parish Council: the Rottingdean Neighbourhood Plan   20 mins
2.3       Proposed Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan.  A Working Group to be formed to establish an Interim Neighbourhood Forum   30 mins.
 Yours truly,
Cllr Rob Jarrett           
Cllr Ruth Buckley      
Cllr Alexandra Phillips
You can write to us c/o Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LS



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