Approval process begins for Part 1 of The City Plan

24 January 2013…..At Policy and Resources Thursday evening, 24th January 2013, the draft was presented (barely discussed) and approved to go forward to Full Council on 31st January, 2013 at Hove Town Hall. 

Labour and Conservative cllrs declined to approve or disapprove the recommendations, preferring to keep their powder dry for the Full Council arena.  As the Green Chair has a casting vote, it went ahead (as they all knew it would; so the opposition abstain-vote was probably posturing.  The officers no doubt hope so).
Here is the link to the Full Council Agenda reports pack:  Scroll down to item 80 and take especial note of the Appendix on Tests of Soundness.
An important process is beginning.  The City Plan will control citywide development until 2030 for Brighton and Hove.  Any neighbourhood development plans residents may create will have to accord with it.
Assuming approval at Full Council, The City Plan, Part 1, will go out to 6-week public consultation February/March, before being sent to the Secretary of State in April, with examination in public expected for September, and adoption early next year.
Martin Randall told Policy & Resources that BHCC planners will have to convince the Secretary of State (an Inspector) that whilst they might want 16,000 new homes for the city by 2030, the choice of 11,300 will ‘protect the reason for living here at all’ (I’m paraphrasing here, not directly quoting).
It is still an awful lot of housing, but take heart – and this is a quote from Martin – BHCC strategy is to seek “growth from within….use of brownfield sites
The Full Council meeting will be webcast if you cannot attend and wish to follow the debate on the 31st.

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