The BHCC Scrutiny into Public Toilet Provision: The first meeting-in-public – Friday, 25.1.13 at 3pm, Hove Town Hall

Here is the agenda link:
24 January 2013…..Following the delivery of saveHOVE’s epetition and Cllr Pete West’s recognition that there are questions about public toilet provision in Brighton and Hove which need to be addressed, a Public Toilets Scrutiny Panel was assembled, to meet between January and March 2013, take evidence in public and in writing and then create a report for Full Council.
The Members sitting on this panel are Cllrs Amy Kennedy (Chair), Alan Robins and Denise Cobb – one from each of the political parties currently represented on Brighton and Hove City Council.
There is no legislation in place requiring local authorities to even address public toilet provision, let alone provide any whatsoever.  It has meant that when recessions come along, or a council (anywhere in the country) wants to reduce its outgoings, public toilets have been felt to be expendable.  As we became a more car-dominated society so public toilet provision has declined at an alarming rate.
Air quality issues, loss of community issues, the current fashion in urban thinking concerning placemaking, public realm (consider New Road for instance), increased pedestrianisation, promotion of cycling and walking, etc. all make for a moment when public toilet provision needs to be consciously added to the mix.
Ordnance survey maps of old (before car domination and even bus provision), show the positions of public toilets now long gone.  There was, for instance, one on Kingsway on the lawns near King Alfred.  There was an undergroun one on the floral clock island at Palmeira Square which was infilled (still in there???) and overplanted with bushes at the eastern end by Holland Road. 
There will be three meetings in public.  The second one is on February 11th.

About saveHOVE

Concerned with planning, development and the conservation of historic Hove, we actively seek to prevent inappropriate, negligent and abusive redevelopments!
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