What do you want to see built on the King Alfred/RNR site?

The Lyrics website: tell them what you want!

UPDATE 5 April 2015….the Starr Trust is on the shortlist of two to redevelop.  The Lyrics website which sought feedback from the public on what is wanted there has been taken down.
3 February 2013…..A BHCC King Alfred Project Board was created last September with one councillor from each party on it which is tasked with looking at the different ways that the King Alfred site is being viewed by all kinds of people.  Ultimately they will have to make recommendations about the various people expressing their interest in redeveloping the site.
What is non-negotiable at the BHCC planning policy level is 400 units of housing.  They are determined about this.  The strategy encoded in the City Plan Part 1 also seems set on the leisure centre remaining on that site (I’d like to see it shifted up to the Hove Station area where large-scale development is possible and planned by developers).
What do you want to see on the King Alfred/RNR site? 
Only one would-be developer is even asking you: The Edward Starr Charitable Trust and they have put up a website for public use – to spell out your own vision for the site and influence how they shape it.  They envision a kind of London Southbank complex identity which mixes the present leisure centre offer with artsy things like rehearsal and performance spaces.

The Lyrics website:  tell them what you want!


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