Greater Brighton….kamikaze move by the nearby competitor towns?

19 February 2013…..On Valentine’s Day The Argus told us that Lewes, Adur and Worthing all wanted to join with Brighton to submit a bid to become be known as “Greater Brighton” for economic benefit reasons. 
If they think they can get into bed with Brighton and not end up like Hove they are really naive.  Indeed the Greater Brighton wheeze makes no mention of its other half ……. does it. 
The government has bought into it too and you can read about the apparently well received move onto shortlist of 20  here.   
This article is a hasty-note at the moment.  Two letters and a soapbox at the weekend followed the Valentine’s Day article in The Argus.  We all howled in pain.  I’ll add to this post when I have more time. 



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