Scrutiny into Public Toilet Provision in Brighton and Hove

23 February 2013…..Following the first  two meetings-in-public (one in Hove followed by one in Brighton), the third and final panel meeting-in-public, to hear expert evidence and question it will be on –

Tuesday, 26th February in Hove Town Hall at 10am

The Brighton & Hove City Council website Calendar of Meetings, informs us that the main witness for its final in-public session is the Public Toilets Association.  The police have been invited but at the 2nd meeting it was said by the Administrator, Karen Amsden, that they were not showing any interest in attending.  It was suggested that  PCSO’s, who are often on the streets patrolling when police are not, should be approached. 
Ironically, within the last week, The Argus has provided us with the news that the police are offering people the chance to clean up after themselves instead of facing charges when they urinate in public.  The story made the nationals (well….the Daily Mail online anyway!).  Comment trails highlighted the fact there are no public toilets or none open at night when they make their way home.  Have a read!  Here! 

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