Would they really abolish Right to Light? To help developers?

Law Commission Consultation Paper 210

26 February 2013…..It really does beggar belief.  You need to rub your eyes, do a double take and look AGA-A-IN! 
We know the Coalition Government has been very busy dumbing down the planning system, seeking ever more ways to dismantle it in order to clear the way for developers (good, bad and ugly) who seem to have found it really easy to persuade this particular Government that planning law is just a pointless hindrance, that it makes development uneconomic and unprofitable.  And, apparently, development is the key to a beefed-up, rejuvenated economy!  Why do they believe that?  Surely innovation and all that…..no?
With its gullible notions about expendable planning constraints, Cameron’s naive cowboy coalition risks turning  this country into a for-real Banana Republic.  It is on the hunt, big-time, for ways to give developers carte-blanche to kick thee and me out ‘the way. 
‘Do they really need a right to light?’ is the latest wheeze.  And the Law Commission has been asked to provide guidance and a its consultation invites responses from 18th February to 16th May, 2013. 
We have a serious problem.  Look at this sample from Chapter 8:


8.3 We would be grateful for any evidence that consultees can provide which illustrates the impact of possible rights to light claims on the funding of development projects.  Are consultees aware of any developments which have failed to secure financing as a result of potential or actual rights to light disputes?  If so, what are the costs associated with these types of frustrated developments?

Here is  the full 142 page consultation document on the Law Commission website
Page 3 of this pdf will give you details for engaging with this monster.

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