BHCC to give up the Sackville Rd. car pound (recently bought by Coal Pension Board owners of the Sackville Trading Estate!!

27 February 2013…..Brighton and Hove News is reporting that cars will no longer be towed away in Brighton and Hove…..that BHCC is giving up use of the Sackville Road car pound – all of which will save them £400,000.
That is not all there is to this news.  The car pound is within an area of land recently bought from the Warner Trust by the owners of the adjacent Sackville Trading Estate.  The Sackville redevelopment area is now, potentially, nearly doubled.
P2 have also renewed their expiring planning consent to redevelop the trading estate.  P2’s David Carvey  informed saveHOVE some time ago, however, that once Rayner optical relocates from the Estate, and the recession allows for it, its existing proposals will be changed.
We understand that, along with ourselves, Mr. Carvey, on behalf of Coal Pensions objected to the northern trackside area being designated for a huge waste transfer station within policy DA6 of The City Plan, Part 1.  saveHOVE encouraged two other significant nearby landowners to do the same during the public consultation period last year.
NO decent redevelopment can take place either side of the tracks unless this designation is removed.  It should slide on down the tracks to the other side of Sackville Road and come to rest at the Leighton Road recycling/waste depot.  It is surely time that Leighton Road received some serious redevelopment attention; and that could include a waste transfer station – especially if the badly converted, poor quality, council-owned trackside housing in Sheridan Terrace is demolished, and the land there re-used for part of a waste transfer station/recycling depot. 
The objections fell on deaf ears (and it’s in the Waste Local Plan until 2015) and the designation remained in place; however, you need to know that the Coal Pension Board has bought the land!  Added it to their existing holdings quite recently.  So!
Purchase of the trackside land by Coal Pensions is a brilliantly achieved move.  Checkmate.  No waste transfer station can surely now be built there unless Coal Pensions wants it built.  And they don’t.
A park-like walkway, from a redeveloped Sackville Trading Estate and extending down the remnant track link area to Hove Station, is a long-held dream of this writer for saveHOVE.   
During the application period 3-4 years ago it was pointed out to and discussed with David Carvey (then of Parkridge) by yours truly.  At that time it was an absolute no-no for him.  Is it still out of the question?   It has been nothing but waste ground since the Sackville Trading Estate was created in 1985.  But if that cannot be used, then could the newly acquired trackside area be a walkway to Hove Station for the redevelopment?  Bring it on! 
Alas, correspondence with P2’s David Carvey provides news that vacant possession of the newly acquired area does not arrive until 2017.   And the new owners (or at least their developers) were not informed about BHCC vacating the car pound area apparently !  Meanwhile, redevelopment of the trading estate is otherwise still held up by Rayner optical who have yet to relocate – to Worthing apparently.

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