St. Aubyns Mansions, built c.1899, is refused admission to a Conservation Area

7 March 2013…..At Economic Development and Culture on 7th March 2013, a public question was asked, requesting that St. Aubyns Mansions on Kings Esplanade by King Alfred be brought into the Cliftonville Conservation Area.  The request was refused. 
In refusing the request,  Chairman Cllr Geoffrey Bowden said that only if it was urgent, or  in danger of demolition would they consider it. 
The Supplementary Question opportunity was used to point out that the council would be choosing its preferred developer for the adjacent King Alfred around about September and that without status in planning policy, the threat to the future of St. Aubyns Mansions is indeed urgent.  At present, developers don’t need to consider its setting –  apart from minimal overshadowing/overlooking. 
This is terribly, terriby unjust. 

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