Overheating in single aspect flats/houses

9 May 2013…..House builders today increasingly cram flats into buildings so they are single-aspect only.  Any prevailing wind direction that might help with ventilation is denied to them.  Cross ventilation requires two windows/doors and not both facing the same way!  This can result in harmful overheating.
In the days of the back-to-back terrace, there was no central heating and a build-up of heat might have been very welcome….at least in winter.  But in summer?  If it was south facing?  One wonders what lessons there are from that experience which could be informing today’s house builders.
Researchers into zero carbon, passivhaus, eco-homes building are addressing this as an issue and you can read about it by clicking here.  Worth doing and keeping in Favorites or in a file for the next time a proposal is at the planning stage and you want to make your response more relevant.
Prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

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