Consent for a skating rink at the Engineerium has been refused

18 May 2013…..Mike Holland’s plans for a 5-year temporary skating rink at The British Engineerium were submitted in January 2013.  There was clearly little in the way of a public response to the application which would have taken it to the Planning Committee for decision. 
On May 16th, the application was refused by officers, under delegated powers.  The reasons for refusal on the BHCC website are:
Reason 1
The marquee structures by reason of their scale, siting and form would fail to preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Engineerium Conservation Area, and would have an adverse effect on the architectural and historical character and appearance of the grade II* listed Engine Rooms and Boiler House and grade II listed workshop and former coal store. The proposal is therefore contrary to policies HE1, HE3 and HE6 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.
Reason 2
The development has potential to create a significant and harmful demand for travel. No information has been submitted on the forecast daily trip generation to and from the site; the likely modal split of visitors; or an assessment on the demand for car parking, which could generate significant levels of overspill parking on the local highway network. In the absence of such information the proposal is therefore contrary to policies TR1, TR2 and TR7 of the Brighton & Hove Local Plan.
The council website also provides 2 informatives that indicate the applicant tried to invoke the NPPF to get consent.  NPPF-watchers please take note: 
1. In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy SS1 of the Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One (submission document) the approach to making a decision on this planning application has been to apply the presumption in favour of sustainable development. The Local Planning Authority seeks to approve planning applications which are for sustainable development where possible.

2. This decision is based on the drawings listed below:
Plan Type Reference Version Date Received
Plan as Existing 1905/1 A 16/01/2013
Elevations as Existing 1905/2 A 16/01/2013
Block Plan 1967/3 A 16/01/2013
Site Location Plan 1967/4 A 16/01/2013
Plan as Proposed 1967/11 B 16/01/2013
Elevations as Proposed 1967/12 B 16/01/2013
Marquee Elevations as Proposed 1967/13 A 23/01/2013


Mr. Holland announces he is to submit an altered application to meet reasons for refusal.  Click here to read the Argus report.

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