A photo essay of the Hove Town Hall King Alfred meeting on 24.5.13, called by Hove’s MP, Mike Weatherley

26 May 2013…..It is a good 14 years or so since a public meeting was last held at Hove Town Hall to discuss redevelopment at King Alfred.  Citigrove came and went.  Karis came and went.  And here we are again in the wake of the global financial implosion with a whole slew of competitors all wanting to redevelop the King Alfred site – or, in the case of the ice skaters, to have use of the scrub area to the side of it for the 4-6 years it will take for a redevelopment to begin. 
To meet this return of developer interest Brighton & Hove City Council set up another King Alfred Project Board last year which only meets in closed session with officers and Tony Mernagh (who totally supported the Karis bid before, so….).  Councillors on the Board are Andrew Wealls, Warren Morgan and Chairing is Geoffrey Bowden.  When the last Board was assembled at the start of the decade, many of its meetings were held in public at Hove Town Hall.  Not this time.  It will be putting together a specification to take to Policy and Resources (possibly by July) ahead of advertising a competition tender for the role of preferred developer…just as before. 
Sadly, also just as before it is expected that they will again seek a free sports centre plus housing the developer can put on the site to cover costs and make a profit.  This was the undoing of the previous two developers.  But BHCC are determined to use the King Alfred site as a way of providing needed housing.  This is not what saveHOVE, its associates and supporters believe should go there.  Indeed who would it house.  Truth is it would go to second homers and wealthy retirees mostly like a lot of the housing around that area (and at the Marina).
The meeting on Friday the 24th of May 2013 was filmed  and the MP will be making his video of the event available to everyone on his list.  When it comes to saveHOVE it will be forwarded (a link no doubt) to associates and supporters and a link will go onto this website.  Council employees said they put out 150 chairs in the Council Chamber and some 30 or so can go upstairs with some standng – not many.  Another 20 had to be turned away, including saveHOVE supporters who live near King Alfred and who went through both the Karis and  Citigrove  redevelopment nightmares.  So about 200 managed to get in.   For now, until the video is available, here is the meeting in a sequence of photos with explanatory captions to tell you who was there.  

Please note that articles, letters in the Argus and on the Brighton and Hove News site in the wake of this meeting will be posted under “What the Papers Said”.  Have a look.  Write one of your own!  Offer a 400 word Soapbox opinion on the King Alfred to the Argus.  Go for it.


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