BH2013/01693 Redevelopment/Expansion application for Cardinal Newman School

15 June2013…..Was Cardinal Newman startled into this by the Govt threat of land seizure between itself and BHASVIC?  Is this the real reason the Govt quango backed away from giving it to the faith school chain behind Kings School, for them to expand into?  The Govt’s quango backed off and maybe the Newman move to expand was persuasive?  Was it? 
Space and council ownership were the formal reasons given….  Well, space could be said to be a problem if Newman is to expand.  They all kept that pretty quiet!
Planning application no. BH2013/01693 was submitted on 24th May, 2013 and registered in the week ending 15th June 2013.  This application seeks to erect a new three-storey detached building to the north of the existing school, alterations to the existing Newman school, relocation of 40 car parking spaces to the south-east corner and associated works. 


Since this article was posted, further information has been provided by The Argus in a 26.6.13 article.  Read it here.

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