Computer-generated image of Bilingual School proposed for Hove Park

First image of scheme to build new Brighton bilingual school

Does this building belong in Hove Park? Surely not.

11 July 2013…..How COULD Brighton & Hove City Council consider putting THIS into Hove Park on its northwestern edge, beside The Engineerium?  There is no roadway to separate it from the public use of the park.  Only a single vehicle access lane (The Droveway) to serve City Park and The Engineerium already and it falls steeply down to this site beside the electrical substation in the park.  Steep, cliff-face walls face the proposed site.
If built, City Park office windows would overlook the school from only three or four metres.
630 children would have the run of Hove Park around the miniature railway area and beyond over and above current levels of use.  There is nowhere for people delivering and collecting children to park and the level of noise they would generate is surely not something City Park occupant firms would welcome just yards from their windows.
Please click on ‘schools’ in the tag cloud to pull up the newly registered planning application, out to publication now:  July, 2013. 

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