Waitrose for Neville Road, Hove – changeover details

12 March 2014…..The Co-op Superstore in Neville Road, Hove will close on March 13, 2014.  Work will then be done by Waitrose to prepare for its re-opening on April 10th as a second branch of Waitrose in the city. 
It has been pointed out by a twitter follower of saveHOVE that there is likely to be a lot more traffic in Neville Road as people flock to shop at what will become Waitrose and there are concerns about that.  Because it was already a supermarket, there is no planning application issue on that score.  Waitrose are historically very good neighbours.  I know that from their cooperation with neighbours at a planning meeting attended some years ago over delivery times to the Western Road branch.  They are not ruthless Tesco that would not give a stuff.  If any issues arise they will very much want to sort it out to residents’ satisfaction as far as feasible.
The likely increase in traffic we can expect does, however, impact further.  There was already an issue about impact on road use which, in part, led to the Spanish bilingual school withdrawing its last planning application rather than allow it to be refused.  When they come back, the Waitrose factor can only ramp up a problem they would only exacerbate – over and above negative impact on Hove Park and over-urbanising the perimeter.  And that’s without considering the ice rink use of the Engineerium…..lets not go there in this article….

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