Medina House: Fire no. 2, declared deliberate on the night

30 December 2014….Apologies for this late report.  I can see from the Stats page that from the night of the fire on 20th December, and for the next 3 or 4 days, viewing here spiked by 80-100 hits a day….and then you all gave up.  Sorry.  Here it is for the record, with photos provided by photographers Julia Claxton ( and Eddie Mitchell (@brightonsnapper and at, taken on the night, and for which very many thanks.
Fire no. 2 at Medina House - same place, top floor on 20.12.14

20.12.14 Photo copyright Julia Claxton

I had a phone call the evening of the 20th – flames were visible from the rear of Medina Terrace housing….  The five fire engines, ambulance and police presence were significant and containment was achieved so that the building remained intact, the roof intact.  Charring on joists is visible from the street when looking through the shattered window spaces. 
A bit more damage was done internally with this second, deliberate, fire. 
The glass exploded out of these windows

The glass exploded out of these windows Photo copyright Eddie Mitchell @brightonsnapper and

The fire service told the Argus that they had seen evidence which indicated the fire was started deliberately.  As before, the fire was started on the top floor but this sturdy girl is still standing.  This photo on the night shows her in a very good light….
Copyright photo Eddie Mitchell

Copyright photo Eddie Mitchell @brightonsnapper and at

There is a police reference number if anyone can provide information.  It is 1262 for 20th December 2014


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