The James Gray Collection::Volume 17::Hove Park Gardens

5 April 2015…..We have lost Park House to a bulging and loud, bullying, block of 71 flats overdevelopment, constructed to front Goldstone Crescent, Old Shoreham Road and part of Hove Park Gardens.  This link to one photo in the James Gray Collection shows you what that section of Hove Park Gardens looked like in 1969, when Park House was still a residential home for the frail elderly (converted from a private home to this use in the years just after WW2) and 3 houses stood behind it.

The James Gray Collection::Volume 17::Hove.

James Gray was a man who documented as much of Brighton and Hove as he could manage with his photography.  Knowing that the three houses built behind and at the same time as Park House were up for the chop, he went along and took a few snaps.  The James Gray Collection was bequeathed to the Regency Society by Gray, to be bought on his death for £10,000.  Digitized in various volumes under the sponsorship of individuals and various societies, the actual photographs are housed by the city Museum while the photos can be viewed via the Regency Society website.

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