“What has happened to Leah Keatings plan for a cafe in Hove Recreation Ground”

Ever since the planning application was flagged up on this website a steady stream of hits on that article has continued, even as the mystery grows as to why the park-keeper cottage in the the corner still awaits rescue and re-use.
It is, by the way, wrongly on maps and in council records as a public toilet.  It was never that.  It has two rooms, in one of which there is a fireplace which Leah was going to have to remove for cafe purposes.  In answer to the person putting in search terms that look like questions I should answer…. it is my understanding that the problem concerned installation of a loo on the Shirley Drive side at the back, but inside the Shirley Drive screening greenery/trees.
Not looked recently, or contacted Leah, but that is my understanding.  It’s a real shame.  She’s a nice lady.
The only bum note to her plans was the decking she wanted to install.  The Pavilion Gardens cafe trade is huge on plain ground with no need for cramping decking.  Look at the Small Batch decking in Goldstone Villas for how not to provide seating that is easily accessed and egressed.

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