Medina House! Serious good news: David Gilmour & Polly Samson are to have it next

30 October 2015…..So many people have tried to buy Medina House from Sirus Taghan over recent years, including the Gilmours.  And all failed.  Esplanade neighbours understood that Polly Samson wanted to turn it into a spa, which would have worked well.  The various exasperated who went to Taghan said he always quoted £5m – in other words “not for sale”. 
And following one unused planning consent, the trail of failed planning applications from Sirus, along with occasional failed Appeals, continued to grow….  Two serious attempts to burn the place down also came along.   A few of these adventures are documented elsewhere on this website (including the saveHOVE achievement of a Planning Brief for it from Brighton & Hove City Council) so…onward!
Some weeks ago now, Ruth & Miles learned that the Gilmours had persuaded Medina House out of Sirus Taghan’s ownership.  And the Land Registry showed Polly Samson’s name on the two separate parcels of land making up the Medina House site – but as an uncompleted change of ownership.  So the information was only shared with a few Esplanade residents as we politely attended events.  Polly was reportedly seen photographing Medina House….a sure sign, one mused, that a planning application was in the offing. Sudden professional activity at Medina House was making it obvious something was moving – asbestos and other internal clearance. 
Having been copied into a group email set of exchanges on another Esplanade issue, Argus reporter, Neil Vowles, this week  saw an off-topic comment in one of them about Medina House and immediately made enquiries.  He went to Sirus Taghan.  Cat. Bag. Out.  Today, Friday, page 3 of The Argus print edition is expected to tell the tale according to Sirus Taghan….the Gilmours have yet to respond to Argus queries and saveHOVE has not approached them….yet, but if all goes as the rumourmill and Taghan suggest, we may soon be able to say: Medina House is most worthily saved and will become a home.  Here’s hoping!

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