A sudden flurry of significant redevelopment proposals to look at….three

25.11.15…..Last weekend saw two exhibitions on the same day.  Thursday, 26th sees the third.  The Argus, Brighton Independent along with Brighton & Hove News have all given coverage of these and links to the articles will go into the What the Papers Said area of this website in due course (time!!! time !).  And pictures will get slotted into the text below too.
Texaco Garage site
The Co-op own this site on the Kingsway, adjacent to King Alfred, along with the Alibi Pub the other side of the garage site.  They plan a block of 51 flats to go there, with a Co-op supermarket on the ground floor area.  It is 8 storeys high on the corner, stepping down a bit to St. Aubyns Mansion on one side and the Alibi the other.  And it is just a 1960’s council estate-style set of yellow brick boxes really.  The 8-storey bit looks decidely “reachy” and given that St. Aubyns opposite has a round corner and the Alibi Pub is full of round bits too, this effort sits uneasily there, in that historic setting.  The plans are exhibited at the Princes Marine Hotel on Thursday, 26th November between 4-6pm.
The Sackville Hotel site
Vacant for a few years now, since it “fell”, and since receiving planning consent for a development that is not now apparently to go ahead, the news is that Hyde Housing Association have a deal in place which will see them buy the site if they receive planning consent for their own proposal. On Saturday they exhibited a number of images which will constitute their formal public consultation effort, and the feedback received at King Alfred on Saturday will go into their planning application.
It DOES beg the question of what has been going on since the hotel “fell”.  Did loss adjusters pay out (or not)?  Is there a financial issue that means the fought-for 5-storey townhouses scheme cannot proceed?  What?
What is proposed is a 17-storey barrel with a lot of busy detailing all over it and some chunky low bits round the bottom, basically.  It is, in isolation interesting.  But in this context, very domineeering.  It is a big old bully in that setting, looming in an overbearing way from the perspective of housing directly to the rear and beside it.  And a commandeering of the lawn opposite for turning into some sort of busyness that will break up the continuous line of lawn is also proposed in order to  make it into something or other that is going to probably look like The Level in Brighton.  The judgment is that it is “underused” at present.  Apparently a mediating line of lawn between the sea and the city is not a thing in itself – it must be seen to be actively engaged with in a very physically obvious way.  CRAP!!!
It is understood that a fast submission of the planning application is expected, so stay vigilant for that. 
Emails from a saveHOVE supporter are in prep to be put on here as a guest article letting rip about the violations of architectural principles and demerits of this proposal.  Geoffrey Baker is an architect and former Brighton Polytechnic Reader (see elsewhere on here for mention of his book on James Stirling).
Hove Station
Also on Saturday, held at the big old Church in Clarendon Villas, was MATSIM’s exhibition of what they propose to jam into a very small area between Fonthill Road and Ethel Street and between Conway Street and Ellen Street.  It is an island site with very difficult road access into it.  Nevertheless, in 15 storeys, 200 flats are proposed, along with shops, offices and whatnot.  10-storey Livingstone House, with 54 flats in it, sits just in front of it on Clarendon Road.  Add 27 to that to  get a 15 storey comparison – 81.  So it is clear these 200 flats (with a lot of other uses required of the site too) will be battery cages at best if it all goes ahead. 
The MATSIM exhibition was held jointly with the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum’s Have Your Say Day and it is clear the Forum supports this scheme.  They should not.  Their job is to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan to sit under the City Plan – not to get in bed with developers….or should I say OVERDEVELOPERS. 

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