Sackville Hotel site: Application registration delay as submitted material declared ‘invalid’

23 December 2015…..Before a submitted planning application can be put out for public consultation, the contents are checked for presence of required details and documents by a registering planning officer.  Once everything is in order it is registered and put out to public consultation, with neighbour consultation letters being posted to selected addresses.
Whilst other applications, submitted after the Sackville Hotel site one, have already been registered this one has lingered.  The reason why became clear when this was uploaded today:
As yet unregistered application: status 'invalid'

As yet unregistered application: status ‘invalid’

It is likely that this has already been discussed with the agents/architect and that there is a chance requested items will be received with time enough to allow the application to be registered before the New Year but what is certain is that everyone can relax and enjoy Christmas without the worry of the clock beginning to tick on a finite consultation period.

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