King Alfred! Decision to be taken in ABSOLUTE SECRECY behind closed doors, shortlisted developers kept in the dark

Things have gone VERY tense! A third King Alfred post in 24 hours is needed to say this:  The council is refusing to even take the King Alfred decision in public at Policy & Resources – it is being put into Part 2 proceedings at P&R which excludes press and public.  And – GET THIS!!!! – the two short-listed King Alfred developers will not be told the decision taken in secret until FRIDAY the 22nd – THE DAY AFTER THE P&R MEETING!!!!!  They are apparently afraid of legal repercussions from the losing bid.  Can you believe that???????!  What on earth is going on?
The media is onto this and asking for the legal judgment explaining this decision.  They won’t get it.  Tell you too, the public will apparently not be allowed to see the project submitted by the losing bid!  Berlin Wall as Rose said to me in her email!  Watch for a report from The Argus and from the Friday free sheet Brighton & Hove Independent.
City taxpayers are just food for the council machine to gobble on.  And take it or lump it.  This lack of transparency and authoritarianism is not what people voted for in May.  It shows absolute contempt for the public…..and the developers too, actually!

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