Sackville Hotel site: Unacceptably outsize electronic documents resubmitted and slapped down AGAIN

20.1.16….It really does beggar belief.  BH2015/04414 has been invalid since the day after it was submitted when it gained a planning application ID on 8.12.15 – viewable online.  First there were five reasons for invalidity, then six reasons; but these are now reduced to one….for now.  But WHAT a ‘one’!
1) Documents received but file size too large – we cannot upload these to our system. They need to be broken down into parts and each part has to be under 10MB. D&A Statement – 220MB Urban Analysis – 290MB Heritage Impact Assessment – 45MB Townscape and Visual Impact – 65MB Proposed East Elevation YO172-2013 – 113MB All Artists Impressions Document not received and file size too large Proposed South Elevation YO172-2011 – 62MB Document on disk but no hard copy Proposed 2001’C’ Proposed 2002 ‘B’ Proposed 2004 ‘D’ Documents listed as being enclosed but not on disk or hard copy (please ensure under 10MB) PL102 Landscape Roof Terraces PL901 Landscape Strategy Phase 1 Ground Conditions Appraisal Viability Appraisal

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