King Alfred: lessons from the Karis years – 1

Planning began in the new millenium to have another go at getting King Alfred redeveloped after Citygrove got planning consent, but then failed and disappeared. A planning brief (SPGBH10) was adopted in 2002.  The commissioned Gillespie Tall Building Study identified nodes and corridors and encoded the King Alfred site as a tall building node in planning policy SPGBH15 in January 2004
Karis were ratified and announced as competition winners, using the four maidens design from Frank Gehry (see post below), in July 2003.  Here is a link to the 24th July 2003 Report on that meeting.
There followed a two year period during which extensive design revision took place.  There was no public involvement invited during that time to inform it. 
In June 2004 Policy & Resources agreed to 590 units of housing and you can follow the design revision agreement process through P&R documents like this one from that date.  All considerations were “in house” with only officers and councillors having a say.
The summer 2005 P&R meeting agreed to the final designs going forward to submission of a planning application – which took place in Septembeer 2005, more than 2 years after Karis won the bid.
This time, from the announcement of the winning bid, Rob Starr is openly inviting public ideas and constructive criticism towards design development.  Grab the opportunity you did not have last time!  A planning application is scheduled to go in next January, 2017.

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