BH2016/04414 – the Sackville Hotel site application for a 17 storey tower – is withdrawn!

13.3.16……This application was withdrawn on the 10th of March.  All the documentation online was taken down and quite what they do with the large case file of objections is a question now.  It will not be publicly available any more for viewing.  Hyde are apparently doing a revised scheme over coming weeks so, for now, we stand down.
Important to remember that there was supposedly a contracted window, that Hyde do not own the site and were not going to buy it without planning consent for what they wanted.  The owners HAVE planning consent of their own for 5 x 5-storey terraced houses.  But they were willing to offer the land to Hyde.  Why was that?  One of the owners is behind the application in Sackville Gardens to replace the line of six garages (written about in the post below this one) with a newbuild semi-detached shed.  Why the sudden disinterest in using their hard-won planning consent for the Hotel site?
There is too much that is not in the public realm that needs to see the light of day.  Perhaps Hyde have shot their bolt now and won’t do a revised scheme.  They have the right to a second go without having to pay another £24,000 planning fee, but presumably their architect does not give free go’s; so will Hyde lay out for a revised scheme?  Waste more money they should be spending on being a proper social housing provider, building affordable housing to rent?  This abandoned 17 storey tower proposal did not contain even one rental flat from its Registered Social Landlord developer.  Not one.

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