The Hove Library Report to Policy & Resources is now online with the “business case” for selling it

8 June 2016…..Here is the Business case for selling Hove Library, building a 250 sq metre extension on the back of Hove Museum and then combining both the Museum function and just 40% of the current Carnegie service in the resulting building.  The report was uploaded to the council website Tuesday evening this week.  It SHOULD have gone online Thursday last week.
Tomorrow, Thursday, 9th of June, sees this business case presented to the Policy, Resources & Growth Committee – to be held this time in the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton at 4pm.  Anyone caring about what the Administration is again trying to do should attend.  At Full Council, Warren Morgan sneered his contempt at the empty public gallery which proved to him there is no REAL public concern about selling off the Carnegie Library close to Church Rd Tesco .
Here is the main Agenda item 7 Report for the Policy &  Resources meeting:
A few comments (and photos) on this can be viewed on the Twitter feed for Wednesday, 8th June.
Hove Museum is a bit of a dump inside you know.
Apart from the photo/film permanent display, it offers little else.  Forlorn.  And because the number of visitors is so small, the current operators of the tea-room in the China Gallery will be closing (regardless of the political decision about the Library) – possibly this summer.  It is already a glorified community space with a photo/film gallery squashed into one upstairs floor of small rooms.  It is clear all Sally McMahon aspires to is more of the same, plus books.  And turning the green space at the front into a playground for children (in the richest part of Hove where most have nice gardens of their own).  It really JUST DOES NOT WORK as a space.
The arithmetic may or may not be any more credible than it was a few weeks ago.  But it is plain that selling the Brooker Hall site would get the council a mountain of money.  Redeveloping it – even more.  And maybe the photographic heritage of the area could be bigged up to its proper level in a much bigger building on this site.

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