Brighton & Hove City Council Licensing Policies and guidance for the vexed!

15.6.2016…..Licensing covers a number of different things, from events to the control of opening hours and the sale of alcohol.
Licensing issues flare up from time to time in this night-time economy environment, both for beleaguered residents and for those operating outlets selling alcohol; and for this area of licensing in particular knowledge of how licensing is dealt with can be helpful.  The council website contains the revised policy which was agreed on 24th March 2016.  Click here to access it.
There is a CIZ (Cumulative Impact Zone) which was established by the last (Green) Administration which aimed at protecting a delineated area of Brighton & Hove from being totally swamped and drowned in alcoholic excess which you can read about in the policy document.  You can read about Tens (exceptions to usual hours of operation) which recently caused considerable distress in the area around The Old Market.  Know your and their rights!

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