Medina House: new plans to demolish have surfaced

25.7.16…..Quite some months ago now, when Medina House was bought by Polly Samson, wife of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, it was said that the couple wanted to turn Medina House into a dwelling for themselves, to eventually live in.  They have other homes in other places and their home in Medina Terrace is mostly for term time use (neighbours believe).
And so we waited and hoped for something nice to happen to Medina House.  They did a good job on the Listed Medina Terrace house and on restoring Ida Verner’s old painting studio, making it into a music studio, so hopes were high. Some years back, it was said that Polly thought it should be turned into a spa.  We liked that idea, did many of us.
Hopes are now dashed.
Plans designed by Pilbrow & Partners,  based in London, are being shown around for a newbuild L-shaped house and courtyard garden on the site, with Medina House  a style reference only.  Demolished.  The newbuild is white brick and higher than Medina House.   The plans will be shown to the Conservation Advisory Group’s Tuesday meeting next week. The Brighton Society’s  Jeremy Mustoe has already seen them and felt disappointed.  Like many of us, he sees disappearing local history and not a development to be welcomed although the firm have done good work in London that he is aware of.
The planning application will not be far behind.

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