Texaco site adjacent to King Alfred: A planning application has been submitted

28.7.16…..It’s all go down the Esplanade, now…innit.  At the same time as plans for redevelopment of the Medina House site have surfaced, so the Texaco site has now moved along since the public exhibition that so dismayed folk to now become a submitted, but as yet unregistered, planning application.  Lou Stack spotted it online.  But, there is nothing to look at or comment on until it is registered and neighbour consultation letters are sent out.  Just be aware of it and keep an eye out.  We will have to note carefully who is and is not included by BHCC in the neighbour lettering.


I would expect ALL of St. Aubyns Mansions, most of Bath Court, King Alfred tenants, Esplanade residents and Medina Terrace residents to receive neighbour consultation letters from BHCC.  And for a serious reason.
At the exhibition of the plans, architect Nick Lomax was asked about just how the proposed Co-op retail unit would be supplied.  Where would their delivery point be.  It seemed obvious that it should be in the driveway between the Alibi Pub and the Co-op, but apparently “they don’t want that”.  Consult and ignore is the norm so the worry is that the plan then is the plan NOW.  A ten-ton truck accessing via Medina Terrace, Kings Esplanade and parking in St. Aubyns South.  That is a major no-no.  A huge issue if they try to pursue it.  But, hey, maybe they listened at the exhibition and the application will surprise us with a sensible solution.
Here are the details from the online planning register.  It has been given a planning number which you can use to find it:  BH2016/02756
The former Texaco garage site, Kingsway
Hove, Brighton & Hove
Proposed mixed-use redevelopment of the former Texaco garage and shop to provide 55 No. residential apartments and 375 sq.m of retail floorspace (A1 Use Class) in a new building of between 2 and 9 storeys together with associated parking and landscaping; flexible use of the ground floor of the former Alibi Public House (A1, A4 Use Classes) and conversion of the first, second and third floors to provide 4 No dwellings.

The Alibi Pub (former Hotel)

Please note that the area including King Alfred, the former Texaco Station and St. Aubyns Mansions and Bath Court is EXCLUDED from Conservation Area Status.  Please also note that the Cliftonville CA begins with and includes the Alibi Pub, moving east and north up to Holy Trinity Church in Blatchington Road.  This gives the application a problem.  A single site is created by the application, part of which is in a Conservation Area. In addition, the Alibi Pub, its drive and derelict Coach House to the rear have added Conservation protectionWhilst not Listed Buildings, they ARE on the Local List of Heritage Assets (and this link takes you to its dedicated page).   This is a serious consideration for the application as the proposal will demolish the derelict Coach House (erasing that bit of local history) and there is no guarantee of the Alibi Pub retaining much of its existing identity otherwise.

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