EE and Hutchison 3G application submitted for a 25m monopole in the Bath Court carpark


7.11.16…..For sometime now a high antennae pole, sited in the area behind the Alibi pub within the former Texaco station site on the Kingsway/St. Aubyns South and adjacent to the Bath Court car park has been a source of comment and annoyance for local residents who never knew it was going to go there.  It just seemed to arrive.  Well, now that there is an application to redevelop the Texaco/Alibi area the pole is inconveniently sited and this application has been submitted for a re-siting of it.
Two Bath Court residents confirm that the Bath Court Board are CONSIDERING the request to put it in the carpark area and a Benham Court resident who has dealt with something like this in London informs that it could bring Bath Court owners a lot of money to agree.  One of the Bath Court residents emails that it is proposed to go in his parking space.  So, another ugly pole is proposed, but even with planning consent it cannot happen unless Bath Court agrees to provide the siting.  Is the carpark in the Cliftonville CA?  I think it might be, actually, whereas the Texaco site is NOT.
Brighton & Hove City Council, in its wisdom, has stopped, and decided to WITHOLD, provision of its traditional list of applications REGISTERED in the previous week.  It is a total nuisance and deliberately inefficient IMHO.  Just one of those death-wish inefficiency things people sign up to from time to time that creates confusion (and extra work for interested parties).  Perhaps they want to use planning applications as click-bait now, to boost the website’s overall hit rate, to show the Government how popular the website is !!!!!!  Why else force punters (including the media) to go back endlessly over weeks and weeks seeking an uploaded registration date and viewable documentation?  Questions to website feedback have been studiously ignored.

Check the planning register in a  week’s time to see if registered.  If informed of the registration date, more info will be added to this post.


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