Medina House: the sticky height issue shown with this photo!

View south from Victoria Terrace/Neptune Pub area provided by Pam Griffin and Mike Roberts

View south from Victoria Terrace/Neptune Pub area provided by Penny May Griffin and Mike Roberts

21 November, 2016…..To the left of the photo here, foreground, are the Victoria Cottages rooftops and to the right, the Sussex Road rooftops.  It looks impossible in this photo but there is an access footpath running between the back borders of each row of housing, down to Medina House, exiting into Sussex Road.  Medina House is, literally, the width of this narrow footpath away from the boundary wall of the Sussex Road House behind it.  To the extreme left, in the background, is Marrocco and the edge of Benham Court. To the extreme right is the edge of Bath Court, where ground floor flats facing Sussex Road are certainly not going to gain sunlight if a highter than existing, replacement Medina House, is built there.
Medina House sits recessed from Sussex Road but in line with their back gardens – so already creating some overshadowing.  This view from north to south gives the clearest possible sense of how this area might be affected by the proposed nearly 3m height increase of the main building and the build up of building height, incorporating the back wall adjacent Victoria Cottages, partially filling the gap you can see here.

Clearly the developers need to produce a CGI of how THIS view would be altered, using winter sunlight to indicate maximum overshadowing likely to be experienced.


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