Gaming the planners irresponsibly: a case example of what Developers get up to.

12.1.17…..I have tried, in my waving little tall poppy way, to defend the planning system and the beleaguered planning officers from time to time when developers bemoan them as obstructive and unfair….when they are NOT.   In the main, I do it in comment trails behind Argus or Brighton and Hove News articles online or in an ebrief to saveHOVE supporters. 
This case example spells it out, in an article worthwhile reading and remembering.  I hesitate (but do it anyway) to compare this applicant with anyone else, but the name of Sirus Taghan and Medina House came to mind when reading it. So many others COULD have.  Witholding important information is a gaming norm with developers looking to get around the system, their profit motive being all that concerns them.
Next time you hear a developer complain about the shockingly bad planning department that takes too long to get them a decision (in their favour), just remember this example, would you, please?
Planning refusal for a 44 unit elderly residential home on a persistant flood site in Patcham



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