A Long History of Grenfell Tower and the Lancaster West Estate

In memoriam and to introduce a blogger before whom I bow low. Municipal Dreams is an expert resource for anyone interested in housing.

Municipal Dreams

My article for iNews on the longer history of Grenfell Tower and the Lancaster West Estate to which it belonged was published yesterday. You can read it here:  A perfect storm of disadvantage: the history of Grenfell Tower.

When you visit Grenfell and the Estate, as I had to for the article, it’s hard not to feel intrusive. Taking photographs can seem even more insensitive but it seemed important to record something more than what, inevitably, have become our dominant images of Grenfell.  I hope the photographs which follow are a respectful tribute to the estate and its residents.

Grenfell Estate Sign SNBarandon Court SNHurstway SNGrenfell and green court 2 SNGrenfell and green court SNGrenfell tributeJustice for Grenfell SN

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