Hove’s Grade 2 Listed, again threatened, Carnegie-endowed gem of a library building

24.1.18…..Cash-strapped councils are seemingly oblivious to the fact that this country suffers from a 20% level of functional illiteracy.  Instead of seeing them as a drain on resources, libraries should be seen as important resources in themselves which Britain needs to make better use of to erase that 20% figure and to ensure that 20% are not left behind in life to continue to populate our prisons so heavily, become unemployables or whatever.  Our sliding place in the global mix needs to be won back and emphasis on literacy is the place to start.
The Brighton & Hove City Council Labour Administration thinks books can be stored anywhere and that the building itself is not important.  Fine examples of architecture and heritage ARE a value in themselves which need to be treasured, looked after and handed on to the generations yet to come.
Below are 2016 photos taken in Hove’s gem of a Grade 2 Listed and Carnegie-endowed Library – constantly under threat of closure because Labour politicians put heritage at the bottom of their list of values (if valuing it at all).  The interior may have its clutter organised differently at the moment.  So much clutter instead of BOOOOOKS!!

The latest would-be assault on its internal integrity would see the radiating book stacks at the back of the ground floor (like spokes of a wheel up to the curved back wall) removed.  The Labour Administration wants the building to be used for whatever they can get away with that is not about books and being a – well – library.  Please look at the documents, read the public comments at the end of the documents list for the planning application detailed here:

Please read the heritage statement, the Design & Access Statement, the CAG response and the Brighton Society response within the documents page to get a sense of what is what and then explore the drawings, etc.  And PLEASE object to the desecration of this magnificent interior, aimed at replacing use as a library with use as offices, kitchen, whatever.  Stop their madness with your involvement.


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